Our environmental responsibility

At Broc the Kasbah we place a great importance on our materials to help you tread lightly on this earth.

We believe there are already amazing materials out their in the world that can be up-cycled into contemporary designs.

All our fabrics and materials are sourced from second hand markets and stores with default, dead stock and remnants coming from Europe. We use not only traditional fabric on the role, but Moroccan wedding blankets, vintage Amazigh blankets, old Moroccan money, recycled glass and wood offcuts, repurposed wire from old electrical appliances, leather off cuts, Moroccan carpets and retro upholstery. We are highly resourceful in sourcing materials that are often destined for landfill.

We do not mass-produce anything, all of our clothing and accessories are made by hand with many being one offs. Short runs with no more than 4 garments in the same fabric keeps things unique and is often due to the limited amount of fabric sourced.