The Collective

Broc the Kasbah currently has seven core people in our fashion and design team of creators, designers, artists and makers. We are inspired by our own cultural backgrounds – Moroccan, French, Finnish and Australian – and our contemporary lives. We work as a collective with each member playing an important role in various elements of the design, process and outcomes both in Morocco, Australia and France. We are very conscious and proud we work collectively and don't just showcase individuals, understanding our processes are not possible for any one individual.

Members of the collective consist of some of the best markers in Marrakech and have used the same techniques for centuries. Other members are International creatives being influenced by street fashion and current environmental issues. We all collaborate, each bringing our unique skills to make our clothing and accessories; skillfully made, comfortable, stylish and also earth conscious.

We are highly supportive of each other and mental and emotional sustainability is just as important to us as the final creations. We value each member having input into the products in order to be proud of the final outputs. Making sure we all have a work life balance and leave space for living, family and friends.

We have a strong ethics in the way we work, and believe the future in fashion and design is about caring and collaboration by respecting the earth, its people and the environment.